Support Groups

Now you can work directly with Steven, in a 2-way video format

The Groups will be facilitated by Steven Kessler, the author of The 5 Personality Patterns, and conducted as meetings on Zoom so that everyone in the group can see and hear everyone else.  Every meeting will be recorded and posted on the group webpage within 24 hours so you will NEVER miss a session, even if you can’t make it live.

Each Group will meet for 90 minutes, twice a month, or about every two weeks.  Group meetings will be structured to meet the needs of the current members of the group.  Each Group will have its own regular time and day of the week, which will be chosen as the group is forming to best accommodate the members of that group.  If you sign up as the group is forming, you will get a voice in when that particular group meets, with the understanding that you can get a refund if the time we settle on is unworkable for you.   

The Personality Patterns Support Group is for all who are familiar with the 5 personality patterns, whether through reading the book or taking the Understanding Yourself & Understanding Others course, and want help in dealing with their own patterns and interactions with others.  All who are familiar with the personality patterns are welcome to join.  It meets twice a month on Wednesdays at 4 pm pacific time US.

The Energy Skills Support Group is for those who have studied the energy skills, particularly students in the How to Create a Self course.  All who have already studied the energy skills are welcome to join.  It meets twice a month on Mondays at 2:30 pm pacific time US.

The Practitioners Support Group is intended for practitioners who use the 5 personality patterns in some way in their work with clients.  All practitioners are welcome to join.  It meets twice a month on Tuesdays at 4 pm pacific time US.

To check whether you are a good fit for a particular group, please email Steven at

These are on-going support groups, so each group will continue from month to month.  Members will pay at the beginning of each month for that month and may leave at any time, effective at the end of that month.  Membership in each group costs $98/month.  

You may join more than one group, but to promote intimacy and sharing and give us plenty of time for coaching and skills practice, the size of each group will be limited.  If a group fills before you sign up for it, you may have to wait until a seat opens up before you can join.  

Groups you are already in have a blue icon.  Ones you are not in have a gray icon.

To go to a group's home page, click on the blue icon.

To sign up for a group, click on the green box.

The Energy Skills Support Group

a bi-weekly ongoing group

The Practitioners Support Group

a bi-weekly ongoing group

The Personality Patterns Support Group

a bi-weekly ongoing group


Absolutely NO RISK Guarantee:  This way of seeing people has proven so useful to so many others that I guarantee you'll find it useful, too!  Anytime during the first month of the course or group, if you find that this material is not useful to you, we'll refund 100% of your tuition.


What are the dates and times for the Support Groups?

Are the Support Groups limited in size?

Are the Support Groups on-going?

What do they cost?

Will the sessions be recorded?

What if I can't attend the entire time?